We’re looking for a great UX and UI designer to join our team.  

As a UX Designer at Vital Beats you’ll be central in all phases of our design work. From conducting fieldwork at hospitals and at home with patients to turning the requirements and insights into easy-to-use solutions and work with our software teams to make them a reality.  

Ultimately, you will ensure that our products are intuitive and create value. And not least join us on our journey to transform healthcare to become more preventive and personalised for the benefit of heart patients all around the world. 

who are WE

We are a medtech startup consisting of an interdisciplinary team of software engineers, techno-anthropologists, data scientists and more, who share a passion for building products that are part of the next generation of healthcare solutions. We are originally a University spin-out (see www.scaut.dk), and are based in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Our culture is based on these values and beliefs 

  • Teamwork and collaboration are paramount 

  • Sketch, build and test early and quickly 

  • Base insights on thorough fieldwork and academic research 

  • Build on user-centered design principles 

  • Keep an open, free and flexible work environment 

Our work is ambitious. We create solutions that improve the lives of patients and the work practice for health professionals.

who are you

  • You share the passion of creating solutions that make a difference in the everyday lives of patients and clinicians 

  • You’ll be responsible for scoping, planning, and spearheading our UX activities such as conducting fieldwork at hospitals, user research, wireframing, write-up user stories and map journeys and workflows, experience mapping, and interactive prototyping 

  • You love to translate insights from fieldwork into high-level conceptual sketches as well as prototypes (high and low fidelity) as part of defining user flows and experiences  

  • You feel comfortable standing at a whiteboard or with a pen and paper, to draw an idea or argue for your proposed solutions to your colleagues 

  • Design-driven and user-centered  

  • A collaborative spirit and creative problem-solver  

  • Focuses on solutions, and doesn’t simply identify problems  

  • Passionate and takes pride in work  

  • Persuasive, persistent, and patient  

  • Start-up experience is a plus  


  • A formal educational background in graphical design is an advantage, although not a requirement if you can display your abilities in other ways. 

  • You are fluent in Danish and have a high level of English (Danish is a must because you need to engage and connect with patients and clinicians here in Denmark)  

  • A strong knowledge of UCD and UX principles and methodologies  

  • A portfolio of work demonstrating UX methodologies, creative thinking, problem solving, and the application of UCD  

  • Proficient with industry-standard design and rapid prototyping tools (I.e. Sketch, Marvel App, Figma, Invision, Framer, or similar) 


  • We’re building the future of healthcare. We’re building a software platform that supports the treatment and care for heart patients with implanted pacemakers. The platform delivers state-of-the-art decision-support for clinicians at the hospital and engagement in own care for patients. We do this with a web frontend for clinicians and a smartphone app for patients. Learn more about us in the media section. 

  • Our work makes a real difference. This is exceedingly difficult in a time where the primary focus for most hospitals is on both cutting spending and figuring out how to manage more patients in meaningful ways. Our platform provides real, tangible difference for cardiac patients and clinicians, and we will continue to generate more value through data analysis, visualization, decision support, machine learning, process optimization and so on.  

  • We’re allergic to siloed work. We’re still a small team and we firmly believe that we should all understand why we are building what we are, what the business value is, the needs of patients and clinicians and other parts of the company. We spend a lot of effort making sure we don’t end up with “silos”, where people just hand things off to another team and forget about it. 

  • We’re solving hard problems. Doing health tech right is very difficult for a number of reasons. Understanding user needs of patients is not trivial, especially when they span from 4 years old to 80+. Clinicians and hospitals are pressed on time, so everything we do needs to optimize their work practice and not introduce time-consuming tasks.


how to apply

  • Apply by sending an e-mail to career@vitalbeats.com

  • We will hire as soon as we find the right person, so get in touch with us