SCAUT is short for Self-, Collaborative- and AUTo-detection of signs and symptoms of deterioration. We focus on patients with implanted cardiac devices. We apply a participatory design process with active involvement of health professionals, patients and relatives.

This means that we carry out iterative prototyping and testing in real life situations in patients’ homes and at hospitals. The aim of the project is to create next generation mHealth that improves collaboration between patients and clinicians in remote monitoring.

Who is involved?

SCAUT is a collaboration between four partners – two public institutions and two companies: The Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, The Heart Centre at the University Hospital of Copenhagen (Rigshospitalet), Rehfeld Medical and Medtronic. 


patient engagement

We explore ways to better engage patients in their own treatment and care. Primarily by prototyping new features within the SCAUT software platform.


big data analytics

Together with the Machine Learning group at the department of computer science, SCAUT applies machine learning to cardiac device data from thousands of patients.

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design research

Patients and clinicans are brought into SCAUT as co-designers together with software engineers and anthropologists.