We are always open for talented interns to join our team in Copenhagen. So please drop us a note where you (1) briefly explain why you want to join our team and (2) include your resume and send it to

You’re also more than welcomed to contact us even if you don't see yourself fit the categories below.

Data Science

Help us develop decision-support software for cardiac clinicians. You get to work on a unique dataset that comprises multiple data sources such as cardiac devices, medical records and wearable technology.

Typical projects

  • Analysis of electrocardiograms, including automatic anomaly detection and arrhythmia classification

  • Risk assessment, including predicting the occurrence of cardiac arrhythmias

  • General patient stratification and mapping of health deterioration

We work in Python. For analysis and modeling, we use the standard tool-kits: numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn and Keras. We work in virtual python environments, use Jupyter notebooks for the analysis and version control with GitHub.

Experience with these modules and tools is desirable but not required. However, a willingness to learn is.


  • Completed BSc education or equivalent

  • Minimum 3 month stay (preferably more)

  • We unfortunately can’t offer compensation or paid housing

Interaction design / UX

Gather insights from field work and communication with patients and clinicians. Participate in designing features to support the uncovered needs.

Main activities

  • Interaction design (sketching, mock-up and prototyping)

  • Communication with patients by phone, in person and by email

  • Field work, interviews and usability testing

  • Video production and editing

Market analytics

Develop health economics market insights to support our business decisions. What will a clinic actually save in costs, when we automate certain parts of the workflow?

Main activities

  • Develop health economic insights and analytics reports

  • Support business decision with analytical insights

Health informatics

Data analysis concerns identifying, collecting and preparing clinical- and patient-generated data from the mobile app, for later analysis through e.g. machine learning.

Main activities

  • Data collection from clinical data bases

  • Collaboration with design researchers

  • Conducting phone interviews and creating questionnaires for with patients and clinicians

  • Ad hoc assignments, e.g. preparing and participating in workshops

Social media / communication

Help us create a strong brand and maintain our online story. You will be responsible for developing our SoMe strategy from scratch, as we don’t have any right now.

Main activities

  • Develop SoMe strategy

  • Decide on strategic and digital SoMe activities

  • Manage, create and publish SoMe content

  • Teach the team how to do SoMe

  • Manage SEO activities